Peru celebrates May 30th, National Potato Day

Peruvian cuisine is celebrating one of its most precios foods: the potato. Peru has marked this day since 2005 to commemorate a product that has been used by the Southern Andes and the Peruvian highlands foro ver 8,000 years.

The potato is a popular food not only in Peru but across the world due to its high nutirtional value and its versatility. In fact, approximately 1.4million people around the planet consume potatoes as a staple food and total production excedes 300million tons.Currently, Peru is the 14th largest potato producer in the world with 4.45 million tons per year. However, despite not leading this ranking, it is the country with the most variety and types of potatoes, since it has more than 3,000 varieties that have their origin in the South American country.

The benefits of the tubers are infinite: they allow people to obtain energy with little fat, similar to the values ​​of fruits and vegetables, are rich in carbohydrates; provide meaningful levels of vitamin C and have macronutrients such as iron and zinc, which contribute to reducing malnutrition in the population especially in places of high consumption; help to prevent degenerative diseases and related to aging; and they contain anthocyanins that protect against stomach cancer, among others.

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