A new tourist attraction focussed on Peruvian gastronomy, Peruvian Experience has been created

This month Lima has opened Peruvian Experience, a new two hour interactive and guided experience which has four distinct zones.

  • Dark Ride. A virtual tour with special effects that tells the history of Peruivan cuisine from the past to the present day.
  • Pisco Experience. In the vineyard, visitors can find out all about the process of making pisco, the Peruvian national drink, and enjoy a pisco sour masterclass and tasting.
  • Cooking Experience. In this area visitors will participate in a cooking class and learn how to create an iconic Peruvian dish such as ceviche.
  • The Taste of Peru. At the last stop visitors will be immersed in a Peruvian market where they can taste a huge variety of Peruvian cuisine and watch the chefs in action.

Tickets are priced at £70 per person. https://peruvianexperience.com/en/


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