When Peruvian cuisine became an entirely new experience

With the road planted by Peruvian ceviche on the international scene, the different markets, especially those in Europe are immersed in various initiatives around the cultural diversity of Peru. In Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain or London you can already find different invitations to get to know the Peruvian fires with a different perspective.

London is a mirror where foodie lovers of Peruvian cuisine go looking. In the British capital, the Chotto restaurant is a sensory experience created through decoration and lighting. With its open kitchen, following the latest trend,  the recipes and the dishes become integrated into the room.

In Madrid, the Oceanika restaurant is the perfect example of the escape from conventionalism. Snacks served in coffee machines that taste of Peru, main dishes served on vinyl or desserts that are a tribute to the first courses. The true essence of Peru in the mouths of everyone.

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