A diner who bets more and more for tradition in the kitchen

Across the  gastronomic fairs in the different European markets, the foodies out there are certain of one thing: ceviche is the gateway to a cuisine where local dishes rule the table. During the Arco Madrid fair, the newspaper Diario el Mundo wanted to learn a little more about the universe of the Sancochados, the Peruvian stew from overseas that has different interpretations in different parts of Latin America. Flavors of coast, where the corn and the chili are great protagonists.

A great opportunity to immerse yourself in the recipes that fuse Creole cuisine with the native. In the European market it is still not really present on menus, but it can be ordered in selected restaurants. In Madrid are Tampu and Kausa. In Barcelona, Ceviche 103 and Totora. Also in Galicia, in the restaurant Kero.

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