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Peru, the only participating country in Identitá Golose

Identitá Golosa is undoubtedly one of the most important gastronomic congresses in Europe where the best culinary proposals and the best chefs gather. From March 23rd to 25th, Milan will be the epicenter of world cuisine, and Peru will be the only foreign country to have a stand at the event. At the event the South American country will be represented by three of its best chefs: Virgilio Martínez, José del Castillo and Fransuá Robles.

Virgilio Martinez, born in 1977, is the chef of Central de Lima (6th best restaurant in the world) and also has a Michelin star at his restaurant Lima, in London. Martínez is a promoter of Iniciativa Mater, a research project in which Martínez and a group of specially selected researchers travel through Peru to document hundreds of different ingredients, sharing information about their uses, their history and, often, their cultural importance.

Meanwhile, José del Castillo, owner of the Isolina restaurant in Lima, and Fransuá Robles explain the close professional relationship that unites them:  José del Castillo is the mentor of Fransuá Robles however while Castillo is committed to a more traditional cuisine, Robles focusses on “optimal cooking” which promotes the reduction of waste in food. Del Castillo and Robles will cook in the “International Hub of Gastronomy”, a space located in the center of Milan where you can taste menus prepared by the best chefs. In this case, José and Francois will be in charge of impressing the palate of the attendees with dinners composed of three or four dishes with traditional dishes and a price that will range between 70 and 100 euros.

In Identita Golosa, there will also be presentations of pisco, talks on superfoods focused on products such as mango, cocoa, avocado and giant corn.

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