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‘Pisco, spirit of Peru’, the new image of the Peruvian spirit that seeks to conquer the world of cocktails

The brand ‘Pisco, spirit of Peru’ is taking another step forward into making Peru’s gastronomy famous, as the new line of pisco highlights the five fundamental components that make this distillate so unique:

  • Biodiversity – due to Peru’s varied landscape
  • Quality – as the entire production chain is overseen with extreme care
  • The Story – as it’s a drink with over 400 years of history
  • Culture – as it’s a drink whose consumption has roots in local traditions
  • Versatility – as it’s made of fruit not grain and so there are numerous possible flavours

Currently cocktail trends are to pair drinks with dishes and this provides a huge opportunity for pisco given its versatility as it’s able to adapt and mix with all types of cuisine.

What’s more from a branding perspective there are several elements to highlight. The Asterix evokes the sun which in turn influences the soil, the word ‘spirit’ references both the atmosphere of Peru and the alcoholic drink category and, the typeface is inspired by 17th century documents that speak about pisco production.

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